All About Fairfield Forward

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-term guide for future development, redevelopment, and reinvestment for the City of Fairfield.  The intent of the plan is to provide a vision on which future decisions can be based on including, but not limited to, capital improvements, investment and reinvestment opportunities,  and regulatory changes related to the physical, economic, and social development of the city.

What Areas of the City were part of the Comprehensive Plan?

Fairfield Forward established a vision and recommendations for the city as a whole but also included a more detailed evaluation of four sub-areas because of the significant potential for change in each of these areas.  The four subareas include:

  • South Gilmore/Mack Roads

  • Town Center

  • John Gray Road/Pleasant Avenue

  • Route 4

The vision and recommendations of the plan were driven by input from residents, property owners, and business owners who had multiple opportunities to participate in the plan throughout the course of the project.  For Fairfield Forward, the city utilized a steering committee, sub-area committees for four different focus areas, online surveys, public meetings and open houses, and outreach at public events.  A summary of the feedback from these events can be found on the Project Materials page.


Who was Involved?

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